Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Look what came in: a shirt that makes you do cheesecake poses when you're having your picture taken

This shirt is not the loudest or most ostentatious garment that has been donated to the Big Bum Jumble so far. About a size 20-22, it would look on someone doing some kind of socially aspirational activity, such as shopping at the farmer's market at the weekend, or telling a bunch of friends who are of a slightly higher status than you that you've decided to jack in your job and become a novelist.

But the shirt's most amazing power, apart from the ability to pop open if you are at all hefty in the bust and belly area, is to make its wearer, no matter how masculine-identified they are, to adopt any number of cheesecake poses for the camera.

Who will walk away with this magical item on 14 August? It's exciting to think about, eh?

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