Monday, 26 July 2010

5 reasons why you should donate your clothes to the Big Bum Jumble

We're still looking for donations for the Big Bum Jumble. We want this inaugural event to feature as much plus-sized goodness as possible, in as many sizes and styles as we can get. To do this we need your help.

Here's why you should donate your unwanted clothing in sizes XL+ to the Big Bum Jumble

1. It feels great to have a clear-out
Don't hang on to clothes that don't fit you, or which never looked good in the first place, send them to us instead! Don't torture yourself by wishing something that doesn't suit you now will look amazing on you in some mythical future. It won't. Get rid of it all instead and make space in your wardrobe for things that do fit and look hott on you.

2. You'll be taking part in a unique and historic event
As far as we know, no one else has ever embarked on an event like this on such a scale in the UK. By the simple act of donating your unwanted size XL+ clothes, you'll be helping to pave the way for more events like it in the future. Remember that the Big Bum Jumble is not-for-profit, which means that all money raised will be ploughed back into similar low-cost community events and activities.

3. No Polar Bears Will Die
The Big Bum Jumble is good news for Mother Earth. It's all about recycling, reusing, appreciating things, and preventing clothes from ending up in landfill. If you donate your stuff to the Jumble and then, by some unknown reason, find yourself in the Arctic one day surrounded by hungry Polar bears, you will have a better chance of escape once they find out that you took part in this eco-friendly event and thus helped keep the ice caps frozen. Polar bears like this sort of thing.

4. You'll be helping to promote happiness, confidence and self-esteem in people who wear size XL+
Here's the scenario: you donate some big-sized clothes, someone who wears a big size tries them on, thinks they look wonderful, buys them, loves them and always feels great whenever they wear them. You will have helped create this. Aah, warm fuzzies!

5. All big-sized clothing is welcome
We want stock for the Jumble that reflects the diversity of bigger-sized people. It doesn't matter if you're trendy or dweeby; a fella, a lady, or any points inbetween; younger, older, richer, poorer, none of this matters to us, we want your donations. It helps if you live in London but we can arrange pick-ups of large amounts of clothing from elsewhere. Neither does it matter if you're donating a few things or a truckload; stuff you've worn to death or things you've never worn; high fashion, everyday clothes, uniforms, vintage, unfashion, workwear: we want it all!

Here's how to donate

Arranging a pick-up of your stuff couldn't be easier, simply email and we'll sort something out.

You can also bring along donations on the day.

Pass it on!

PS. Even if you've got no clothes to donate or don't wear aize XL+, you can still support the Big Bum Jumble by helping with publicity Feel free to download and print the Big Bum Jumble flyers and posters, and distribute them wherever you can. You can also tell all your Facebook friends about this fantastic event, and link to us too if you feel like it.

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