Monday, 26 July 2010

Big Bum Fashion Fan: Kelli Dunham

Who are you?
I am Kelli Dunham. I am a weird little dorky boi comic with a face that says: "Please come tell me all about yourself. Would you like my lunch?"

What sort of things do you like to wear?
I like to wear cargo shirts with non ironic tee shirts. And black jeans. I wear black jeans in the winter like it's a uniform. Which, for a queer New Yorker, it kind of is. Oh and somewhat jaunty but dishevelled ball caps, when I can find them. And a random extremely feminine accessory like a sparkly earring, just for fun.

Whose style do you admire?
Sinclair Sexsmith, aka Sugarbutch, who knows how to work both an old look and a new look with a good hairstyle to boot. And Charles Meshmore, a faggoty butch friend of mine who sometimes wears 12 different kind of plaids at once AND an ascot (British translations: plaid=tartan, ascot=cravat).

Give us some fat fashion advice!
Hmmm, I consider myself more of the recipient of fashion advice than the giver of it. But I think "buy underwear that fits. At least look at the size before you buy it" is perhaps the best fashion advice I've ever gotten. Oh that and "bras come in sizes".

What would be your dream find at the Big Bum Jumble?
A pair of magic black jeans in my size that would never wear out, a flawless white oxford, oooh and cufflinks made of the Q key from an old fashioned typewriter.

What else would you like to say?
Find me online or on Facebook, I promise to make you laugh, except for when I am ranting about the messed up coverage of the earthquake relief in Haiti.

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