Friday, 9 July 2010

Big Bum Fashion Fan: Charlotte Cooper

Here's a lovely interview with a Big Bum Fashion Fan, Charlotte Cooper.

Who are you?

I'm a fat activist, scholar, author, blogger, zine and film-maker, and I'm also one of the helpers at the Big Bum Jumble. I live in E15.

What sort of things do you like to wear?

It goes in phases, but currently the things I enjoy wearing most are a couple of push-up bras that make my tits look insane, almost like weaponry; a really soft leather jacket that has a sort of classic biker shape; neat little skirts and really old t-shirts that are soft and semi-transparent. I have a bit of a denim fetish too.

I've been experimenting lately with short dresses that have an empire, baby-doll or trapeze shape. I tend to go for things that are more form-fitting, so this is a departure. I like things that have plenty of colour about them.

And accessories, I have a preposterous faux bling skull necklace that I can't stop wearing, and I went to a party in my Mexican wrestling mask recently and had a ball. My girlfriend bought me these crazy high-heeled Nikes that I like to totter around in, but they kill my feet and are not exactly in keeping with the Big Bum Jumble ethos, oh well!

Whose style do you admire?

It's rare to see fat people in the public eye, so there aren't many fatshion icons that I look to for inspiration, although Mama Cass is certainly one. She wore these great short swing dresses in the 60s with really hott knee boots, such a great look.

Otherwise, punk girls and the tough girls that I see on the streets where I live have an enduring style that I love.

Give us some fat fashion advice!

Wear things that make you happy, corny but true.

What would be your dream find at the Big Bum Jumble?

I actually found my dream thing when I was in the US recently. My friend Amanda took us to this great thrift store called _____________ (sorry, embargoed!) and I got a calf-length vintage black and brown pleather coat, all used and worn and battered. It fits me like a glove. This description does not sell it very well, but I love it.

I'm on the lookout for a denim jacket, that classic v-shape but tailored so that it actually fits me. Also, ridiculous things that I'd never buy in a shop, but which are a lot of fun to wear, silly dressing-up things that somehow make it into real life.


  1. I love wearing trapeze & empireline-type dresses, actually have tried some awesome ones from maternity lines on. That skull necklace sounds fab.u.lous.