Friday, 30 July 2010

Jade's Things

Jade's going to be having a stall at the Big Bum Jumble selling pretty dresses. Although she's currently in the middle of moving house, and "mostly getting in a tizz over bubble wrap this week," she took some time to tell us what she's got.

"The dresses are mix of high street, vintage and charity shop finds. They range from sizes 12-26, but they all fit me happily and I'm a size 22, which is testament to the fact that you should never trust sizing labels (if you see something you like, try it on, make it work!). My favourite piece is the full length black satin skirt with a diamanté corsage and I've also got a really kitsch Grease jumper, baby pink with quilt and pearl appliqué, which deserves a new owner."

"All of my clothes are really precious and I would not be selling them if I could wear them myself - so I hope somebody else can give them a good home! Most of my dresses will be sold for £5 with a couple of special things at £10, but there'll be nothing more expensive than that."

Jade will also be bringing cupcakes and her boyfriend to the Jumble, hehhehe.

Would you like to have a stall at the Big Bum Jumble? Rates are very reasonable. Get in touch:

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