Thursday, 29 July 2010

Look What Came In: The Maddest Dress

It's made entirely of some terrifying artificial fibre and will still be looking as fresh as ever long after the apocalypse. This frock will even outlive the roaches and could generate enough static electricity to keep you sparking well into the night.

It is a shade of pastel mint green that only the most fashion-forward might dare to wear. It is moderately transparent. The sleeve length, the poorly conceived pleats, the modest length, and the COLLAR, all add up to make the maddest dress we have pulled out of the Jumble pile so far. The fatter among us will breathe a sigh of relief that this is amongst the smaller of our donations, maybe a size 18-20, and thus there will be no obligation to try it on.

Just looking at this dress makes you sweat, and not necessarily in a good way, yet it has an undeniable charm, and is clearly vintage, the genuine article. It bridges the gap between extreme frump and extreme hipster. No doubt it will make some Jumbler very happy.

Who will walk away with this treat on 14 August? It could be you.

Thanks mystery donor, sorry for being so rude about your cast-off.

By the way, we're still looking for more jumble. Here's how you can donate.

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