Friday, 30 July 2010

Kay's Flyering Tales

Kay's been out and about flyering for the Big Bum Jumble. She says: "I've been carrying around flyers and posters from the Jumble in my bag for a few weeks now. Maybe I've given one to you? I've heard a few people say that they would be too shy to give out a flyer, or worried that giving out a flyer for a fat thing to a fat person might cause some offence. I'll tell you a bit about my experience and perhaps this will embolden people to go out there and start telling strangers about the Jumble.

"I've been flyering in my local shopping streets, East Ham High Street on a Saturday, Walthamstow Market during my lunch breaks from work. My best technique involves skulking around outside Bon Marché or Evans to catch disappointed shoppers on their way out. I find saying "Can I give you a flyer for my Jumble Sale, all plus sizes!" gets people taking them happily. I've had lots of people thanking me and saying what a good idea it is. Quite a few have said that they'd had similar ideas themselves.

"The other thing is that I found out where slimming clubs met. Where better to find potential Jumblers, eh? A pub on my local high street hosts a slimming club and I went in to leave posters, which they happily accepted. The customers were interested. I said: 'You don't have to be fat to come,' and they answered, 'We're all fat here!' 

"Of course, some people don't want to take a flyer but I've only had two negative experiences in all these weeks of flyering, both of which I loved. One woman said that the name Big Bum Jumble was 'not very flattering' (tee hee!) and the other was a super-cool teen girl who gave me a drop dead look. Thrills!"

You too could have adventures like these! We really need help in the final run-up to publicise the Jumble as much as we can. Simply download and print our gorgeous flyers and posters and get busy. You can also post digital versions on your blog or website, or just link to the download page. Let us know what happens.

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