Sunday, 11 July 2010

Big Bum Fashion Fan: Lauren D

Who are you?

I am Lauren, I'm going to be helping at the Big Bum Jumble. I have the blog Pocket Rocket Fashion where I waffle on about plus sized fashion and am a contributor to Italian Vogue's 'Curvy' site. I also dj badly for money on occassion.

What sort of things do you like to wear?

Dresses, dresses, dresses. I just can't get enough of them! The more outlandish the better. My favourites are ones that have interesting detailing and/or kitsch prints, although I do love luxurious, Hollywood vintage style ones too. I also really like pencil skirts teamed with cardigans and dressed up with brooches or flowers.

Whose style do you admire?

I admire the style of anyone who has the confidence to wear exactly what they want and not tame their look to suit society. Obviously Beth Ditto's been a big inspiration to me and a lot of other fat girls, and continues to push the envelope. Pretty much any of the women from John Waters movies. In real life, my friends Diana Thompson, Camilla Pia, Tegan Titmuss, Christina and Charlene Millare and Carmen Luvian are huge inspirations. I'm also a fan of many fatshion bloggers, notably Val at, Sakina at, Stephanie at and Xtina from

Give us some fat fashion advice!

Firstly: ignore every piece of style advice you've ever been told. All that 'dressing for your shape' gubbins is nonsense. Dress for yourself and ignore everyone else. Wear exactly what you want, wear what makes you feel happiest, most comfortable, and most ready to face the world. No matter what anyone says. Why please idiot strangers who may or may not approve of what you wear? I live at home and my mum tries to stop me from going out in certain outfits by reminding me of all the people who will laugh at me. But their opinion is worthless. Who cares?! Be true to yourself and you'll be so much more confident.

What would be your dream find at the Big Bum Jumble?

A gorgeous, opulent cocktail dress that was custom made for a short fat woman with tiny boobs. Failing that, a lovely fake fur coat.

What else would you like to say?

Just that I am super excited for the Big Bum Jumble and hope it's the first of many!

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  1. Outrageous Cuteness really is the only appropriate tag. That outfit is a stunner. Plus, "Dress for yourself and ignore everyone else" should be painted on changing room mirrors the world over.

  2. Lauren's completely awesome!