Monday, 26 July 2010

Jumble Treats: this is what a jumble sale is like

Big Bum Jumbler Simon Murphy dug up this little beauty from some dusty corner of YouTube for our jumble viewing delights. Become as one with the slightly posh video guy as he interrogates the good people of St Stephen's at their jumble sale in 1986. They're the salt of the earth!

Yes, this is what a jumble sale is like and this piece of cinema-verité comes close to what we are trying to achieve with the BBJ, only in much bigger sizes, of course, and with an E15 tang, and with more diverse people, and a better venue, and fewer grumpy people,, actually it'll be quite different, heheh.

Be warned, it's eight minutes and feels much longer. Take it in small bursts, eh?

St Stephen's Jumble Sale 1986

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