Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Big Bum Jumble Countdown Begins

With ten days to go, it's been a frenzy of activity over at Jumble Towers and it's going to get busier as the day approaches. To give you some idea of what's going on, here's a state of the nation talk with Big Bum chief Kay Hyatt.

How's the Jumble going?

It's going well. I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I still have to do but I also feel confident that it's all going to happen.

What's going on at the moment?

We just had the Sorting Party where people came round to my house and helped sort stuff into sizes. We also used that time to do the final pick for things for the fashion show and identified top quality items for the Special Rail. Through the collective brain power of the sorting volunteers, we came up with an exciting pricing policy: basically, almost everything is going to be £1. Can you believe it? I am really happy about that.

Yay! What things do you need help with right now?

I'm still busily collecting donations from far and wide. I have a lovely volunteer driving up to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to collect a large donation of clothes. Even though we are doing well on the donations front, I can still use more. If you can arrange a collection in your area and bring it on the day, or contact me to come and get it, that can still happen.

I still need people to be publicising the Jumble wherever they can. I have been handing out flyers in Stratford to shoppers and I'd like to do this again this weekend but I don't have time. This is because I am going to Southend to collect some secret jumble merchandise. I would love it if some people would volunteer to take my place flyering in Stratford on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, and anywhere else they cared to go.

On Saturday night I am going to flyer outside Big Girls Paradise, which is a BBW club. I'd love some company for that too.

Another job for now is that I need help drawing up an official budget for the Jumble. I have applied for a grant towards the room hire from Newham council and they might give it to me but have asked for a detailed breakdown of my costs and anticipated income. Do you have Excel spreadsheet skills? Please get in touch.

What about on the day?

I need people to help set up at 10am and take down at 5pm. I need people to work the door and look out for people trying to nick stuff. I'm also keen to have volunteer 'shopper encouragers' who can pull stuff out of the jumble and encourage others to try things on. Get in touch if you can help.

Do you need to borrow any equipment?

Yes! I could really do with a full length mirror or two. Ideally the type that can stand alone, rather than the type we'd have to prop against the wall. I'm also still trying to work out how to set up a changing area in the room so people can try stuff on. One way to do this would be with folding screens, so if you have one of those, I would be very interested. I promise to look after and return anything you lend me.

What's with the pricing?

We will have a Special Rail, with top quality and vintage things individually priced between £3-£15. There will also be a Denim Bar, where jeans will cost £4. Everything else in the whole Jumble will cost £1. This way you could get a whole new outfit for £3.

What's the fashion show going to be like?

John William from Pigeons & Peacocks is our stylist and the super-talented Bea Sweet is doing the make up. John's just getting on with it, I've seen some of the clothes he has chosen and it is going to be fantastic. John is also customising some of the clothes for the fashion show and all the outfits will be for sale on the Special Rail afterwards.

What stalls are going to be there?

So far, two people have approached me to have their own stalls at the Jumble, Jade and Rae. They will both be selling their good quality clothes at reasonable prices. It's a big room so there is room for more people to rent space if they want. Just drop me a line.

Also, Mark from will be there with a menswear stall and some info about his shop and online business. Mark is really great and has a real passion for meeting the clothing needs of big fat guys.

We'll also be selling badges and taking orders for other Big Bum jumble merchandise.

What sort of refreshments will be available?

I'm not selling any refreshments in the Jumble room but Stratford Circus has a lovely café called Circus Eats that will be open all day. Also, you are free to come and go from the Jumble, there are plenty of places to get food in Stratford. I recommend the Caribbean cafe in the Theatre Royal bar.

What's been the best thing so far?

I think the best thing for me has been the positive comments that I've had from people. It's great to be encouraged by you all. Also, the generosity of people who are giving the Jumble their time and their stuff is really fantastic.

What are you going to wear on the 14th?

Wait and see!

What else do you want to say?

Thanks everyone for all your help and support so far. Keep it up! Come to the Jumble and make it amazing. Love love love!