Friday, 13 August 2010

Look What Came In: The Last Cardy

It's the final Look What Came In. People can bring Jumble tomorrow, but for now all the stuff that's come in has been sorted and tried-on, and checked and prodded and poked. Big Bum Jumble HQ is packed with laundry bags of clothing that will be man-hauled to Stratford Circus tomorrow and laid out ready for you. Our job is done. It's all been done and come in.

So here's the last cardy. It's proper vintage, about a size 18-20, and would look good on anyone. Again, our house model has teamed it with y-fronts and nipples, but you might want to wear it with a tweed skirt, lederhosen, sequinned maxi-skirt, a three-foot fascinator, or anything else you damn well please.

Come and get it at the Jumble tomorrow. This cardy is waiting for you.

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