Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Look What Came In: Shell Toes

If you know and care about trainers and have small feet, you will be excited to see this donation. Unfortunately I know nothing about trainers and have gigantic feet but will blunder on regardless in trying to talk these muthas up.

Ok, they're a size 5 Adidas Paris shoe with a fleur-de-lys design and rockin' colours. They're shell toes too, not to be confused with camel toes. They're in good nick and would look great on the end of your legs. They do not smell, which might be a disappointment to some people (remind me to tell you the story of how I once sold some smelly old trainers to a trainer fetishist on eBay).

Who will get 'em on 14 Aug? Amazingly, I still care.


  1. I am nearly beside myself with joy that I managed to get my paws on these trainers. Oh thank you big bum jumble :-)