Thursday, 12 August 2010

5 reasons why you should come to the Big Bum Jumble

Like you need an excuse.

1. The clothes
If you are fat you will find clothes that will fit you and make you look fantastic, and all for cheap too. If you are fat you will know that this rarely happens, plus-sized clothes are usually overpriced and difficult to find. So many different styles and types of clothes have been donated that you are bound to find something you like. You won't have to pinch yourself, you will not be dreaming.

2. The atmosphere
We've been working hard to make the Jumble a friendly, welcoming, playful place for everyone. There will be music, refreshments, a fashion show, stalls, and countless opportunities to try things on, make friends, or drink tea. It's going to be lovely!

3. The Rad Fatties
You want to know where you can meet rad fatties in the UK? Perhaps you want to find Your People. They will be here.

4. The culture
By coming to the Big Bum Jumble, you will be supporting future projects like it. Anyone of any size can do this. The Big Bum Jumble organisers want to help create and develop non-profit communities and events that support fat pride, Health At Every Size, Fat Studies, fat activism, fatshion, and body liberation in general. We want to have fun whilst we're doing it. We think this stuff is really worthwhile and can help us all live good lives.

5. The politics
We're not interested in shoving our politics down anyone's face, you can take them or leave them and it's fine if you want to come along and buy a jumper and let that be it.

However, we also think that fashion is political; we're interested in how clothes are made and sold, who buys them, how they are bought and why, and the affiliate industries that support the fashion business. We want to see these ideas develop. Big Bum Jumble is about messing around with clothes, a pleasure that is often denied fat people, and we think that getting together and concocting a feast of second hand clothes is a way of disrupting destructive beliefs such as the idea that only some people can look great or are worthy. We want people of all sizes to feel good in their bodies, playing with clothes helps you do that, and it's easy to take a fashion risk at the Jumble because everything is so cheap. We also think that it's better for the environment to reuse and recycle things, including the stuff we wear, and that it helps us create alternatives to consumerism. So there.

Please come!

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