Monday, 2 August 2010

The Sorting Party

The Big Bum Jumble got a step nearer at the weekend with the grand sorting party. This was where some lovely Jumblers went through the donations bags and sorted them into size and type. This will make Jumbling easier for people when they come on 14 August. Items were also priced up and paraded around the garden. Yes, important work was carried out.

Look! Look! Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion was there too and she posted about it an' all.

We'll tell you about Jumble categories and pricing over the next few days.

We're also still looking for clothes. Here's how to donate.

Meanwhile, here're some pics from the party. Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who came and helped.

Oh dear, piles and piles of clothes

Hurrah, busy bees at work

Part of the denim pile

Bill Savage muscles in on Kay's modelling territory.
Big Bum Jumblers please note that Bill and Kay are not the same person,
even though they are both mannish, specs-wearing chubsters.
Also, neither of them should be mistaken for Ruth and Tamsin of Unskinny Bop.

Order is brought forth from chaos, and everybody retires to the garden for a cup of tea

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