Sunday, 15 August 2010

Jumbling All Over the World

Over the past couple of months, the Big Bum Jumble blog has been visited by thousands of people. Here's a map of the places where people have visited from around the world. There's a big concentration in Europe, and on the US coasts, but there are also a surprising number of visitors from other places too. This could easily mean that there's a hunger for events like the Big Bum Jumble all over the place.

Here's a more detailed map of the cities and places where there has been interest in the Big Bum Jumble in the UK.

We don't know if we'll do another one, we might, but there's nothing to stop you from putting on a similar event yourself. Why not go for it? We're really happy to share the skills and knowledge we've built whilst organising this event, you don't necessarily have to go it alone.

As we've organised the Jumble we've heard people say things like: "Things like that always happen in London and never near where I live." But things happen here because we've put them on ourselves. Similar bigger or smaller events could happen anywhere. Maybe you live near one of the dots on the map, if so there might be someone near you who would also like to get together to swap clothes, meet-up, or put on a bigger event. Wouldn't that be amazing?


  1. you totally HAVE to put on another one

    i'm pretty sure the majority of the people that went would be willing to help out with organising and running it if there's a next time

  2. I'm in South Yorks, we came yesterday to the Jumble, and I'd love to put on something similar in Leeds or Manchester.

  3. Rebecca, do it! I know for sure that there are other people in the area who would be interested in such an event.

  4. Rebecca, I'm in Newcastle and I would be willing to help out with a jumble that was Leeds/Manchester based. Unfortunately London was too far to go - but I did donate. :)