Sunday, 15 August 2010

First pics in, better ones to come

I took some poor quality pictures, which seems to be a trend for me. Anyway, they give you a tiny idea of what it's like. There are no pictures here for the fashion show because I was in it. Better pics will come soon, and if you took photographs we'd love to see them. Sorry about the cheesy captions, I couldn't resist.

Arriving with bags o' Jumble
Tom finds a treat

Bill's beautiful signage
Time for a quick rummage before it all kicks off
Getting ready for a stint at the station
Two pounds please, and would you like a badge?
Loading up the Denim Bar
Nearly there
Jumblers doing what they do best
Ooh la la corsetry
T-shirts and denim are popular
Busy times at the check-out
The Bops keep everyone'e energy up with their righteous sounds
Just one last pick-through
All done, time to go home

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