Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bill Savage's Jumble Facts #3

In this final tidbit of Jumble History, Bill reveals the hidden facts* behind an otherwise unassuming pair of shoes.

This pair of handsome brogue style shoes have been donated to the Big Bum Jumble by an anonymous donor who has at last realised that she will probably never achieve her dream of indie-pop stardom. Bought to emulate the lead singer of a second-rate late 90s female-fronted indie band these shoes were worn to band rehearsals, gigs and festivals for many years, the subtle heel giving the owner a much needed lift to see over the shoulders of lanky fanboys. As the 90s drew to a close, stout leather footwear fell out of favour in indie circles, and the 2000s heralded the ubiquity of the Converse sneaker. Our donor  couldn’t bear to part with her trusty gig-shoes though, and they lurked at the back of her wardrobe, waiting for the Britpop revival that never came. Finally, aged 36 she has made peace with her lost rock’n’roll past and has cleansed her soul and her wardrobe by donating them to us.

The shoes are a size 7 and in no way smell like Camden on a Saturday night.

*Which may need to be verified by an independent expert.

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