Tuesday, 3 August 2010


You'll have come to know by now that a commitment to high quality photojournalism is largely absent from the Big Bum Jumble blog, and that I'm perfectly happy if I can bodge something together crappily and make a stupid story out of it.

Hence I bring you: BBJ's debut on The Stratford Circus Jumbotron.

Point one: it's not actually a Jumbotron, it's much smaller, I just like that word and want to use it as much as possible. Jumbotron, Jumbotron, Jumbotron etc.

Point two: I took the picture on my phone. Clearly my phone can't cope with taking a picture of another screen, which is why these pictures have intrusive lines over the screen. Sorry.

Point three: Everything's a bit blurry and wrong because I had to sit through the whole cycle of current announcements on the Stratford Circus not-Jumbotron, which was quite boring, and I got freaked out when the BBJ screens appeared, and fumbled with my phone, and didn't quite do any of it in time. Then I couldn't be bothered to sit through the cycle of announcements again to wait for our screens.

This has all been quite pointless, yet I remain strangely excited that the Jumble is up on the Jumbotron.

Next...watching paint dry.