Monday, 2 August 2010

5 ways in which you can help publicise the Big Bum Jumble

There are two weeks to go to the Jumble and we need your help for the final push for publicity.

Here are some of the ways in which you can help.

1. Use the flyers and posters
Download the flyer and poster and print some copies. You can do this on a printer, or you can take one copy to a photocopy place (like a newsagent, a post office, or just sneak some copies off the copier at work) and run some off there. Give flyers to people, or leave a little pile at local places, like caf├ęs, libraries, community centres, pubs, anywhere that people leave flyers. Go to shops and any kind of place you can think of and see if the owners will let you put a poster in the window. Put posters in crazy places, be daring, take pictures and send them to us so that we can stick them on the blog. The first person to put a poster on the railings of Buckingham Palace wins a prize. That is no empty promise.

2. Use your big mouth
Tell your friends. Tell them in person over a cup of tea, call them up and tell them, send them a text about it. Go round to their house and put a note or a flyer through their door, telling them that you bet they'd really enjoy supporting the Jumble. If you have a job, tell your colleagues, even the annoying ones, they will think you are a cool person who does interesting stuff, which of course is true, and your boss will give you a pay rise, ok, maybe not, but you never know. Tell your Facebook friends too, and invite them to join the Big Bum Jumble event page. Use Twitter. Use anything!

3. Take over the media
Tell your local paper and radio station. They will be in the phone book, or you can Google them. Encourage them to have a look at the Big Bum Jumble press release. If you feel brave, present yourself as a Jumbler and invite them to run a story about why you think the Jumble is a great idea. Drop us a line if you need help with this.

4. Link link link
Link to anything you like that has been published here, or that mentions the Big Bum Jumble. Even if it says: "The Big Bum Jumble is a giant waste of time and anyone who likes it is a loser". All publicity is good publicity. You can use the share buttons at the bottom of each post, or Google 'Big Bum Jumble' and see what comes up.

5. Random stupidity
Do something really ill-advised in the name of the Big Bum Jumble. A tattoo, for example, or some kind of performance art. Try not to get arrested.


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