Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Look What Came In: PJs

Phew! Not long to go now. This week has been a frenzy of Jumbling, as you can imagine, and Saturday is likely to be both fantastic and exhausting. Come Sunday we'll all be crashed out in our pyjamas. Luckily, a super-sweet pair of pyjama bottoms has come in. I'm calling them PJs but you could wear them wherever you like, though maybe not out in a snowstorm. They have a girly cat and heart design.

They are too big for our house model, but would look excellent on someone who can work a size 6XL. They're made by our esteemed friend Bertha Pearl of Size Queen Clothing and have been worn by some of the most notorious fat activists of California. If only these PJs could talk...

Come and get 'em on Saturday.

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